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Powder coat bicycle frames and bicycle parts

Bicycle frames and bicycle parts that are provided with a powder coating are characterized by their optimal protection against corrosion and weather influences. In addition, powder-coated bicycle parts are highly scratch-resistant and shock-resistant. Compared to classic wet painting, powder coating conserves resources and is solvent-free and emission-free at the same time. In this coating process, powder paint is applied electrostatically to the bicycle frame/bicycle part using a spray gun and melted using heat (approx. 200 degrees). In addition to standard colors, you can choose your desired color for bicycle frames, bicycle forks , bicycle handlebars , mudguards , etc. from over 200 RAL colors. These can be realized in a matt or glossy finish. Please feel free to contact us!

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Do you want to know how much gold rims or neon green handlebars cost? Simply select the relevant object. Regardless of whether it is just a component or a complete conversion, all prices are presented transparently here. You will receive the parts back, well packaged, via DHL within a maximum of 14 days. Payment in advance via Paypal or bank transfer will speed up the process.