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WD‑40® multifunctional product spray bottle, 500 ml

WD‑40® multifunctional product spray bottle, 500 ml

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WD-40 multifunctional product 500 ml

The WD-40 contact spray has a variety of excellent properties. WD-40 is used as a contact spray, corrosion inhibitor , lubricant and cleaner .


WD‑40 multifunctional product removes stubborn dirt, oil, grease and glue residues and makes them easy to remove. After cleaning, the WD‑40 multifunctional product leaves a nourishing protective layer. This forms a perfect barrier against moisture by infiltrating it. This means that electrical and electronic mechanisms remain protected at all times.


WD‑40 multifunctional product consists largely of an active lubricant, which facilitates the movement of moving parts and at the same time eliminates squeaks and creaks. In addition, it lubricates parts and mechanisms as well as mechanical components and enables smooth work. Thanks to the strong displacement function, the WD‑40 multifunctional product penetrates into jammed parts to release them.


WD‑40 multifunctional product loosens stuck mechanisms and jammed metal parts by infiltrating layers of rust to loosen them. Stuck screws, nuts and other moving parts and mechanisms can be loosened and set in motion again. Thanks to its corrosion-resistant formula, it also offers long-lasting protection against rust and all forms of oxidation on metal surfaces.

Areas of application

The silicone spray WD-40 can be used, for example, for garage door bolts, running rails, window and door bolts made of UPVC. WD-40 multifunctional spray is suitable for metal, plastic and rubber materials. If WD-40 is used as a contact spray on the surfaces, a temperature-resistant protective film is formed. The WD-40 can not only repel moisture, but is also resistant to high temperatures up to 200°C. The WD-40 spray should not be missing in the workshop or in the household. Creaking doors and hinges can be treated quickly and easily with the multifunctional product. Metallic surfaces are quickly greased and cleaned. Rust and dirt on the bicycle chain can also be optimally treated with HD-40. This means that bicycle parts/moped parts are protected from rust deposits.

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