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Flipper Hinges / Hinge Plates (Base with Existing Paint) Powder Coating, 2 parts

Flipper Hinges / Hinge Plates (Base with Existing Paint) Powder Coating, 2 parts

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Pinball hinge plates / hinges powder coated

Pinball parts or hinges / hinge plates can be easily powder-coated and enhance the pinball machine.

This offer includes / details

  • Powder coating of Flipper Hinges / hinge plates (base with existing paint), 2 parts or 2 pieces
  • Paint stripping
  • Rays
  • If necessary, mask/mask sealing and bearing surfaces, threads, stud bolts, etc
  • primer
  • Powder coating

General process

  1. Compile the order in the shopping cart
  2. Order and pay
  3. Packing and shipping the parts
  4. After receipt, processing of all parts according to the order (we will contact you if you have any questions)
  5. After completion, return shipment well packaged in your box

The processing time is usually between 7 and 10 working days, but may vary in individual cases.

With the powder coating process, the layer is applied very evenly and no color is lost. Environmentally harmful solvents are not required. In addition, the applied powder coating is also significantly more resistant to mechanical influences because it has very good dynamic properties. There are far fewer cracks than with classic paintwork. The coating technology is particularly used on steel / galvanized steel and aluminum. Powder coating has become established in many areas because it is robust, weather-resistant and can withstand greater mechanical stress in contrast to traditional paint finishes.

delivery terms

  • Attach a printout of the order confirmation to the package
  • Provide telephone number for inquiries
  • The box and padding must also be suitable for safe return shipping

Condition of parts/preparatory work

  • Flipper hinges / hinge plates must be clean and free of grease
  • Please don't tape anything down yourself
  • Do not close the thread
  • Areas that are not to be coated must be marked / hatched with a felt-tip pen
  • If necessary, remove ball bearings, bushings, screws, seals and any plastic parts

Individual RAL color desired

The RAL color palette is very generous. In addition to all RAL tones, countless color nuances can be implemented. It is even possible to create very special colors for your pinball machine parts. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you and implement your wishes.

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